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Tournament Rules are listed below. Good luck this weekend. 

Please make sure you have a roster to give to the coach who is evaluating. Please don't give them a lineup as a roster. 

Please check the schedule for any updates with the possible weather coming in. 

Tournament Rules:


This is a showcase. Each team will play 4- 7 inning games. We are scheduled to have games at Benbrook, ROCKWOOD PARK Z-BOAZ PARK

 Coaches from each school will be evaluating during the games and will talk to the players after each game.

There will be a gate fee.

$10 per day for adults

$5 student pass and senior citizen. 

No concessions, please bring plenty of water Mark with palyer's name. (NO Sharing).

Games will be 7 innings or 2:00 hrs. There is no run rule, but if a team does get up by 8 runs or more then we will limit that team to 4 runs per innings. This way that each game will be able to get through 7 innings. 

When reach 1:55 hr point the batter will finish the at bat and the game will be over. 

Other than rules listed above, everything will be played to NFHS Rules. 

Schedule changes:

IF the weather comes in, we do have plans to move games if fields do get washed out. Please make sure that team managers/coaches are checking text messages sent out from tournament directors. 

Fields that could be used if games are moved do not allow metal spikes. If games are moved to these fields and a player is caught with metal spikes he will be ejected from the game. Same goes with sunflower seeds. 


Rainout Policy:

1 game only played - 60% refund

2 games played no refund 

If a game does start it will be counted as a game played.  



to follow games..


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